ATHENA - Approaches To valorise the High ENtrepreneuriAl potential of migrant women to contribute to their social and economic integration

Code: 957906-AMIF-2019-AG-CALL
In progress


ATHENA is funded by AMIF and seeks to improve services, policies and support on migrant women entrepreneurship through the development of common knowledge, capacity building, exchange of experiences, and developing activities with economic orientation but in which migrant women may interact, exchange and increase relations and contacts with the host country. The innovation added is to specifically target migrant women needs and provide a better environment for them, at the same time as contributing to EU economic growth and cohesion.

  • Chamber of Commerce of Seville – CCSEV (SP)
  • NOVA Onlus (IT)
  • Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (LITHUANIA)
  • Digital Leadership Institute (BELGIUM)

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