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GREEN TASTE - Consumer & Digital Education innovating school curricula and sustainable habits

Code: 2022-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000086374
In progress


Action: KA2 Cooperation Partnerships
Green Taste will tackle shortcomings in consumer education in schools by developing, testing, and including Digital Consumer Education in European upper secondary schools’ learning programmes and European teachers’ curricula. This will be achieved through: the development of a teachers’ training course on Consumer Education and digital information literacy; e-Learning for school students enabling behavioural changes for individual preferences, consumption habits, and lifestyles through consumer education; and the development of guidelines to design the inclusion of consumer education in European teachers curricula and trainings.

I.I.S. Apicio Colonna Gatti (Italy)
Pagella Politica (Italy)
DECO (Portugal)
AE Santo André Barreiro (Portugal)
INCOMA (Spain)
Association for Development of Municipality of Żychlin (Poland)
School Complex No 6 (Poland)

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