SEM4EASY- Supporting Mobility Experieneces 4 a European Apprenticeship Scheme for Young

Code: Call for Proposals VP/2017/007/0170


SME4EASY (Supporting Mobility Experiences 4 a European Apprenticeship Scheme for Young) was funded under the EaSI programme and aimed at developing and testing an innovative methodology for the organisation and implementation of quality placements for young apprentices in Europe, in order to favour to develop European citizenship and skills through youth integration in the labour market. The project targeted 50 VET learners, graduated from apprenticeships in tourism, hospitality and agribusiness, in the last 12 months preceding the beginning of the project. The 50 apprentices were divided equally in five destination countries (10 x country).

  • Kairos Europe
  • New Deal Institut
  • Glocal
  • Globtrain GbR

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