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Welcome to INTERMOVE+!

The Erasmus+ Project INTERMOVE+ seeks to provide an answer to the needs related to learning mobility, such as traditional problems like economic and linguistic barriers, and new needs such as providing learners with skills for a changing labour market, making mobilities more inclusive and offering digital and blended forms of mobility.

Therefore, the preparation of learners to better integrate into their hosting countries is a crucial aspect to enhance the success – and attractiveness – of learning mobilities, especially as the number of mobility beneficiaries is expected to continue increasing in the coming years in line with EU priorities and goals, and institutions active in learning mobility mainstream digital education.

The answer provided by INTERMOVE+ is developing a training pathway for preparing mobility beneficiaries that, thanks to a technology‐enhanced learning environment and innovative pedagogical approaches, will favour the development of transversal competencies in 6 different areas that are crucial for successful mobility experiences:

:::::: Meet the Partnership :::::::

The consortium have already met twice:

Kick-off meeting of the project in Cyprus  

Partners meeting in Italy


Current status and next steps >>>

The partnership is already working on the training contents and, in parallel, the technical development of the e-learning platform is in progress.

Next steps:

Handbook for facilitators:

Once the training contents are over, now it’s time to create the guidelines for INTERMOVE+ facilitators, explaining the whole process for the implementation of the training. 

Implementation of the contents into the platform: 

By September 2023, the contents will be uploaded into the e-learning platform, ready to be tested!

Workshop for INTERMOVE+ facilitators:

This will be a 5-days workshop in each country, with 2 facilitators per institution, that will provide feedback on the contents and the handbook. Would you like to collaborate? Get in touch with us!

News and Events:

Sopeña has introduce INTERMOVE+ to their students,
click the image bellow to watch the video!

Play Video
INTERMOVE+ Presentation at Sopeña


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2nd INTERMOVE+ Newsletter: Results

INTERMOVE+ Results The Project is coming to an end and we want to share with you the results! First, let us introduce you to INTERMOVE+ Training Toolkit: It aims at helping VET learners to acquire key competences and soft skills that are crucial for successful international internships and for their integration in the labour market.  Handbook Second, the E-learning Platform:Based on Moodle and using a high-tech methodology, the INTERMOVE+ e-learning platform grants the access to the customisable training pathway for mobility beneficiaries, mobility practitioners, VET teachers and trainers, and mentors and tutors of mobility projects. E-learning Platform Last but not least, the Learning Pathways:These guidelines target VET teachers and trainers, and mentors and tutors of mobility projects, who will act as Facilitators and follow-up on beneficiaries completing the INTERMOVE+ customisable training pathway. Guidelines :::::: Meet the Partnership ::::::: Final steps: To disseminate and promote the project results, the Consortium will organise multiplier events in their countries, and INCOMA, as coordinator, will organise the Final Conference of the Project. Moreover, we are going to meet in Seville for the Final Meeting. Stay tuned if you wish to join! News and Events: This video was developed by Fundación Dolores Sopeña to promote INTERMOVE+ results. Facebook Globe PREVIOUS INTERMOVE PROJECTS: You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.

JeS Project

Meet the JeS Project!

The JeS Project (Joint Stories: Journeys from Fear to Fair) addresses the social responsibility of the higher education institutions to promote human rights and the awareness of the urgent European challenges of trafficking in humans, forced labour, undocumented migrants and the need for fair trade policies by giving space in their curricula to the voices of those individuals within the EU whose stories are often not included in the main social narrative and who often suffer silently. The consortium is composed by organisations from Finland, Spain, Belgium, Italy, and Slovenia. Each partner is an expert related to the fields of the project, and they are collaborating to provide the best results possible to the stakeholders and future beneficiaries. Follow us and stay tuned! Facebook Globe Instagram