PITCH - a model for gender-sensitive intergration strategies based on Personalised, partIcipaTory, loCal, and multi-stakeHolder approaches

Code: 101038534
In progress


Action: AMIF-2020-AG-CALL-01 | Developing and implementing local integration strategies through multi-stakeholder partnerships

PITCH aims at establishing a common European ground to support the design and implementation of local integration strategies addressed to migrant women, based on a personalised, participatory, and multi-stakeholder approach. The project will do so by co-designing a model, translating it into seven local strategies, and pilot-testing it with migrant women in Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania and Sweden.

  • CESIE (Italy)
  • Municipality of Palermo (Italy)
  • Symplexis (Greece)
  • Municipality of Neapoli-Sykies (Greece)
  • ZRS Koper (Slovenia)
  • Municipality of Koper (Slovenia)
  • INCOMA (Spain)
  • Municipality of Seville (Spain)
  • Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus)
  • Municipality of Ipsona (Cyprus)
  • VSI Diversity Development Group (Lithuania)
  • SwIdeas (Sweden)
  • Union of Baltic Cities (Poland)

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