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breaking walls

BREAKING WALLS - Breaking Walls with flipped classroom

Code: 2020-1-IS01- KA226-90C4494A


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the greatest threat to education and training in the modern history of Europe has been witnessed. Over 100 million students, teachers, and school staff have been affected worldwide, and many of them have switched to digital education to continue the academic year. COVID-19 lockdown was a turning point for digital education. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) made research on the impact of Covid-19 on school closures and affected learners around the world. The results show that in Italy 4,6 million, in Turkey 11,4 million, in Portugal 770 thousand, in Spain 3,3 million and in Iceland 21,1 thousand of secondary school students were affected because of the lockdown. COVID lockdown was a turning point for digital education. In light of these exceptional circumstances, our goal is to increase the quality of education among our schools, support teachers in mastering digital competences together with blended learning and e-learning environments to cope with the recent challenges. In this context, in order to achieve the objectives mentioned above, Flipped Learning along with blended learning method has been considered to enhance the learner to more suitable learning strategies to face this change of education set up. By selecting how, when and where to learn, it integrates in- class face to face learning activities with online out-of-school learning in most appropriate way. Also, “Flipped Learning Model” allows students to perform lower-level cognitive tasks such as knowledge acquisition and understanding before the lesson and focus on higher-level cognitive tasks such as implementation, analysis, synthesis, assessment with peers and teacher support during the course. It ensures an excellent adaptation to the Bloom Taxonomy too. Our project from beginning to the end includes huge entrepreneurship of teachers team-work. LTTs are the main focus of the project. We have planned three transnational meetings. The first meeting will be a base for the rest of the six short term exchange of teachers where the teachers will have experience on how to; struggle and tackle with the recent challanges due to the Covid-19;raise key competences and basic skills of teachers in the light of 21st Century skills(listed in World Economic Forum); boosting digital competences of teachers is also the most important aspect of the project. Having taken instructive seminars on the related issues they will try to find out solutions by exchanging good practices and especially will maintain awareness and motivate teachers to the upcoming LTTS. Our Project is directly related to the international field. It shows that all participants are in the same line with EU community. It fits well with the EU educational target, EU’s educational and youth approaches.


– Hörðuvallaskóli (Iceland)
– Hayrullah Kefoğlu Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)
– Istituto Istruzione Superiore Liceo Medi (Italy)
– ENSINUS – Estudos Técnicos e Profissionais SA (Portugal)
– IES Ellacuria-Zurbaran BHI (Spain)
– Incoma (Spain)

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